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At a recent Board of Trustee Meeting:
Trustee Tayloe, Trustee DeSilva, Trustee Villarreal
and Trustee Vergara


There are many advantages to a Union Member of being covered by the Fund.

  • The Fund’s Union employees strive to provide the best service possible to its members.
  • Access to one of the largest PPO Networks in the country with considerable discounts which provides savings to our members and the Fund.
  • Medical Benefit packages include office visit co-payments, major medical benefits that include out-of-pocket maximums to protect our members in catastrophic situations, and co-payments for prescription drug charges.  The Fund can also add short-term disability, dental optical and death benefits to a benefit package.
  • For those shops that have accident and sickness (disability) benefits, the Fund processes their disability checks on a weekly basis.  All checks are issued on Wednesdays, so the members who are not able to work will have a weekly income at a time when they need it most.
  • The employer is not involved in the filing and processing of your claims.  Therefore, you have the privacy you need from your employer regarding your medical conditions and history.
  • Since the Fund is 100% Union, members have the peace of mind of knowing that Union Members are servicing their insurance needs.

The advantages to the Employer of being covered by the Fund:

  • Employer contributions to the Fund are fully deductible as operating expenses.
  • Employers contributing to the Fund will improve labor-management relations and raise the moral of their employees.

Actuary Colberg and CPA White
at a recent Trustee Meeting


The following information will be necessary for the Fund to quote a benefit program for the workers of your shop:

  • Copy of the most current Collective Bargaining Agreement;
  • Copy of the current benefit program in effect, including health, dental, prescription, optical, disability and death benefits, and any changes in the last two years;
  • Census of the group to be covered; and monthly count for current year and prior two years, if available;
  • The company’s cost for such program, including the employees’ contribution, if any, for the current year and prior two plan years;
  • Claims experience for the last two years from your current insurance carrier.

Once the Fund has the above information, we will provide a proposed benefit program and monthly contribution rates.

Fund representatives are available before the negotiations begin to discuss the details of the program in person with the membership, and are also willing to participate in the negotiations with the employer, if necessary.

Any local union interested in information pertaining to the UFW Insurance Fund and its many advantages to Union Members can contact Director, Dee Anne Walker.

Dee Anne Walker, Director

800/800-8860 toll free
615/889-8860 telephone
615/391-0865 fax


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